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GMI Composites Inc. excels in providing complete composite manhole cover and frame systems. Patented design features and advanced fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) material technology make GMI products the strongest, lightest and safest in the world.

Safety for both pedestrians and utility employees has driven GMI to produce the safest manhole cover possible. Composite manhole covers will conduct neither stray voltage nor high heat shielding pedestrians from the underground environment. The advanced ergonomic aspects of composite manhole covers and frames safeguard the municipal workforce from injuries associated with heavy castings.

Structurally GMI composite manhole systems perform well in excess of AASHTO H-20/25 standards, meet EN 124 Class D400 requirements, and can be engineered for the extreme loading required by aircraft and dock pavement applications. 

GMI was the first company in the United States to design and manufacture a composite manhole cover for the utility and petroleum markets, and has been proudly manufacturing top quality composite manhole covers in the USA for the last 20 years.  GMI is number one in the market, supplying fiberglass reinforced composite covers to utilities and municipailties across the country.  Field performance has proven that composite manhole covers are ideal for the most challenging environment.  Be sure to ask for GMI Composite Manhole Covers by name, the safest, strongest and lightest manhole cover and frame system.

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Toddler's lucky escape after falling 10ft down drain when rusty manhole cover gave way under...

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